What is a Netbook?

Asus eee PC 901 red

What’s a Netbook?

2016 Update – Netbooks are no longer a laptop trend, at present we have the ultrabook – light, thin, and yet powerful!

Netbooks (also called mini-laptops or umpc – ultra-mobile pc) are small portable computers, similar to notebooks but smaller and with less on-board computing power.

A netbook typically weighs less than 3 pounds (or 1.3 kg) and has a smaller screen (5 to 10 inches) and keyboard. Most netbooks do not have DVD or CD drives and are intended for connecting to the internet via built-in ethernet, wi-fi or GPRS/3G mobile technologies.

Another key difference between netbooks and notebooks is the price – netbooks are usually significantly less expensive that notebooks and highly portable. That makes netbooks ideal for people on the go who experience a lot of travels and don’t want to spend a bulk of money on a tech-gadget.