UK Mobile Service Providers to Offer “Free” Samsung Netbook

Samsung nc10 Netbook

Samsung nc10 NetbookSamsung nc10 Netbook to please the UK mobile services users was announced recently by the leading operators in UK. Vodafone is first by offering the nc10 netbook for free with a £25 ($40) monthly tariff over two years, which makes for a total contract cost of £600 ($972), or just over twice the retail price of the device.

Contract packages from the other carriers are similarly interesting, all of them around the £30 ($48) per month cost, with Three standing out by asking for only an 18-month commitment. One could argue that two years is a really long long time, but given the bait, it might be worth it.

T-mobile Offer – T-Mobile (£30/month for 24 months, 5GB limit)
Vodafone Offer   – Vodafone (£25/month for 24 months, 1GB limit)
O2 Offer – O2 (£29.38/month for 24 months, 3GB limit)
Three Offer – Three (£30/month for 18 months, 5GB limit)