To Net-book or to Note-book – That is the Question?

Asus eee PC 901 white

Now when the first mass-production Netbook is more than a year old and every producer has at least one series of the mini-laptops, its more adequate than ever to ask yourself – do you really need a netbook/mini-laptop/umpc, or a usual sized notebook will do it for you?

As the name suggests, a Netbook is designed mainly for web-browsing, but given the fact that they rely on a normal operating system (Windows or Linux) it is obvious that most of the everyday type software could be installed on a Netbook. The following table provides a brief description of the features of a Netbook compared to those of a notebook.

What I would suggest is that everyone makes his own decision grounded on their needs and type of work.






Display Less than 11” 11” and above
Resolution Most widespread 1024×600, but 800×600 and 1366×768 are also found Wide range from 1024×768 to 1600×1200 Both display size and resolution make the Netbook not so convenient for longer hours of work, but adorable for everyday travelers
Keyboard From 80% the size of a usual keyboard, most often with the same layout Normally sized keyboard, some of them including numeric keyboard Notebook keyboard is much more convenient even than the keyboard of s 10” sized netbook
Communication WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G more often than in notebooks, LAN (not in all cases) WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, sometimes 3G, Same in most cases
I/O ports VGA, 2xUSB, Cardreader HDMI, S-video out, VGA, 4xUSB, Cardreader As expected, the Notebook is equipped with more ports
Battery life Usually above 2 hrs Above 2 hrs
Operating System Windows XP or customized Linux distribution Windows XP, Vista, DOS Usually the lower price is achieved by not including the more expensive Windows license.
Weight Up to 1.3 kg Above 1.3kg
Price ~300-500 USD Starting from 400 USD Of course there are exceptions – some Sony netbooks are above 1500 USD