Store data the easy way


It isn’t always possible to carry around your laptop or even netbook with you when you are travelling, and it isn’t very convenient either. A promotional USB would be an ideal gadget that you are able to carry around with ease. Not only that but they can store up to 32Gb of your own files on them.

This could hold a vast amount of information and many even use their USB to back up their computer files. It is really up to you what you store on your USB; you could have music, pictures or any type of documents; anything that would be too important to lose.

There are really no limits as to what you can store on your USB and they are simple to use. Simply plug them in and drag and drop files into the USB folder. You may want to use a number of different USBs for different types of files, these can be labelled for you also.

If you are worried about storing your files on something which can be easily accessed, there is a USB stick for you. The Biometric USB uses your finger print to unlock the information on your drive. The USB has a built in scanner which is easy to use; you will never have to worry about your files again. It sounds high tech but is actually very easy to use.

There are many different styles you can purchase it is important to one which will fit into your lifestyle. For example one that fits around your wrist would be good for those who are proven to losing things.