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Precolumbian Taino

Taino Anthropic Cohoba Inhaler. PreColumbian


Taino Stone Figural Pipe, Bowl Frogman, Stem Bird. PreColumbian


Taino Stone Human Effigy Zemi Pre Columbian


Taino. Exquisite Stone Cohoba Ladle. Full Figure Handle. PreColumbian


Pre Columbian Taino


Taino Stone BirdMan Effigy PreColumbian


PreColumbian TAINO INCISED Carnelian Carved - 1200AD. DRUG MORTAR + Metal Stand


Taino. Magnetite Birdman Cohoba Inhaler. PreColumbian


Taino. Magnetite Full Figure Frog Pendant. PreColumbian


Taino. Full Figure Shell Frog Decorative Device. PreColumbian


Taino Serpentine Medallion. Symbolic Bird Imagery. PreColumbian


Taino. Stone Big Beak Bird Pendant. PreColumbian


Taino Beautiful Marble Birdman Effigy Or Cemi PreColumbian


Taino. Anthropic Effigy. Heavy Silicate Stone. PreColumbian


Taino. Full Figure Owl With Second Bird, Healing Device. PreColumbian


Taino. Pestle. Full Anthropic Figure On Top Of Pestle. PreColumbian


Pre-Columbian -Taino carved stone pectoral & bone Necklace. Cosme's Collection


Circa 1000 A.D. Pre-Columbian Taino Zemi Shaman's Stone Jade Carving




Taino Pre-Columbian Steatite Rabbit Stone Fetish Effigy Statue w/ COA Ancient


Pre-Columbian Taino Stone Pipe


Taino Pre Columbian Antique God Of Sun. Handmade Tall 5”


Pre-Columbian Taino Carved Stone Figure


Lot 3 Pre Columbian Colima Taino Pottery Heads from Figures ca. 1200-15th c.


Authentic Pre-columbian Mayan Taino Figural Human Head Artifact fragment #21


Taino, Mayan , pre- Columbian, hard wood monkey carving, 7"


Taino bowl. Authentic. Male figure, pre-columbian


Taino Stone hand maul (Bird,Parrot) pre columbian


Taino Stone monolithic axe pre columbian (Owl)


Taino Stone hand axe pre columbian