Fake Apple-like Netbook from Hong Kong

Apple resembling Netbook

Apple resembling Netbook Rumours of an Apple-like Netbook were spread out and soon after that it was diiscovered that the gadget was actually a Hong Kong made fake resembling the Apple laptop series. It turned out that the Netbook is equipped witha 1.3GHz VIA Nano CPU, the new VIA VX855 chipset, a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 576 pixel display, and a choice of a hard drive or SSD. The surprising thing here is not the specification of the netbook, but the pictures (as you clearly see it absolutely looking like and Apple).

At first glance one notices the Apple logo on the lid of the computer. And the images show an Apple logo over an OS X-like wallpaper on the computer display. But the netbook is not available with OS X preloaded. It ships with Windows XP Home or Ubuntu 8.04 Linux. The other strange thing about the Netbook is the name 3G, while browsing through the specs you notice, the 3.5G HSDPA is actually a USB Dongle.


Apple like Netbook from Hong Kong