Enhancing HD Video playback on Samsung NC10


The most widely used processors on netbooks – Intel Atom – have the advantage of low power consuption, but along with this comes the negative of being not so powerful on playing video, especially when it is a contemporary HD video file.

To solve this problem there are third party solutions like the NVIDIA ION chipset or Broadcom’s HD decoder for netbooks.

There are some companies like Dell and HP that offer machines with an optional Broadcom decoder, but most netbooks don’t come with that option. Hopefully there is already a pioneer who dared to do this for himself – SammyNetbook Forum member Banzai from picking up his own Broadcom card and adding it to a Samsung NC10.

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The Samsung NC10 has only one Mini PCIe slot, and it’s occupied by the WiFi card by default. So in order to add the Broadcom decoder, Banzai needed to remove the internal WiFi card. But it’s much easier to find a USB WiFi adapter than a USB video card, don’t you agree.

The thorough step by step instructions and software download links could be found at the SammyNetbook Forums. Take care when disassembling your netbook though.

And below you may see how an enhanced Samsung NC10 performs making use of the Broadcom’s HD chip: