Enhance the Wi-Fi performance of 1008HA eeePC with the new BIOS


AsusTeK Computer announced a new BIOS upgrade to enhance the WiFi performace of the 1008HA eeePC. Folllow the instructions below in order to complete the update.

  1. Make sure the AC adapter is connected to system.
  2. Download the file (1008HA.zip) and unzipped it directly. (Download It from here!)
  3. Double-click downloaded file (1008HA.exe file) and press “YES” to reboot system.
  4. Kindly keep the power supply on and not modify or execute any program while performing BIOS update.
  5. BIOS update finished, please press power button to shut down & restart the system.
  6. Double check the BIOS revision named as “0402” and press “F2” to access to Windows platform.
  7. Finished BIOS Update & Enjoy your upgraded Wi-Fi performance.