AMD Neo chip targets nettops and all-in-one PCs

AMD Neo processor

AMD Neo processorAMD’s Neo chip was originally intended to rival Intel’s Atom processor in ultrathin laptops and netbooks that produce adequate functionality at affordable prices. The producers however decided to battle Intel on yet another field – the nettops – small, low-cost desktop PCs and also the all-in-one PCs.

Ultrathin and light notebooks still remain the main market for the Neo chips. Nevertheless AMD announced that some PC makers are putting the processors in nettops and all-in-ones. Given the fact that Neo processor is integrated in motherboards, it is small enough to become interesting sollution for that niche.

According to AMD, their NEO is better than Atom and has the potential to beat Intel’s chip in these markets. AMD introduced a Neo line of chips with a single core in January, and in May added dual-core versions. It still lacks a diversity in machines that utilize it (more laptops using Neo are awaited in September). The dual-core chips run at 1.6GHz and include between 512KB and 1MB of L2 cache.

AMD’s Neo platform has an advantage over Intel’s Atom when it comes to graphics capabilities due to a more advanced graphics core. This is also a prerequisite for successful entering of the nettops market, since many users expect their nettop to be capable of dealing with latest HD movies and clips without any problems or delays.