Acer Timeline 1810T Netbook Available for Preorder

Acer Timeline Netbook 1810T

Acer Timeline Netbook 1810TThe new netbook from Acer, which is an addition to the already famous Timeline series – the Timeline 1810T – has been announced for preorder. The Acer Timeline 1810T is the next in the new netbook line with displays above 11″ and weight over 1,3 kg. The bigger size provides manufacturers with a chance to install better components, but takes away the mobility and ease of transportation so useful in the smaller netbook models.

The display of Acer Timeline 1810T is 11.6 inch with LED backlight and a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It is supported by an Intel chip GMA4500MHD chipset, guaranteeing a better quality playback of HD videos. It comes with a 250GB HDD and 2GB of RAM, which could be upgraded to 4GB.

The Netbook has 3 USB ports. There are connectors for LAN, Bluetooth, VGA, HDMI, and of course WLAN is also on board.

The 6 cells battery with 5600 mAh allows for easy work for eight to nine hours.

The Acer Netbook is available for preorder at 499 Euro.

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